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Den Meeting Ideas

It can be difficult to be a den leader. There are an endless variety of things that need to be done before a den meeting, and its the Den Leader's job to get them done. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a resource where Den Leaders could go to find ideas for games, crafts, and outings? This page intends to be that resource.

Here is a link to the Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guide on the BSA website. We generally follow the suggested theme and cherry pick ideas from this publication. Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guide

One place to look is to click here on the BSA website. This is structured to meet the book requirements. Fast Tracks

Den Chief

Please contact Paul Hubert if you need a den chief from Troop 27. They will be assisting at pack meetings as well. Please have a specific duty in mind when you request them. See Leader page for Paul's email and phone. Den chiefs at first class level and above can use their service toward the Star or higher rank.


  • Spoon relay. Each boy receives a plastic spoon and places it handle-first into his mouth. Boys line up in 2 or more lines. Adult leader at one end, empty jar or cup at other end. Adult places a marble (or bouncy ball or jelly bean) in first boy's spoon. Boys must relay the ball from person-to-person to reach the other end. First team to put ball into the cup wins.
    • Variation #1: Boys can't move their feet after the race starts and nobody can touch the ball twice
    • Variation #2: The ball must always travel downhill
    • Variation #3: Add a time limit
    • Variation #4: Multiple balls…as many as possible into the cup
  • Straw races. Each boy receives a flexible straw. Adults use masking tape to draw race courses on the floor…about 3-5 feet long. Courses should range from simple (i.e. straight) to medium (maybe 1-2 curves) to complex. Boys take turns blowing a ping pong ball thru the courses.
    • 1st pass = scouts do it without tips from leaders
    • 2nd pass = adults give helpful tips (go slower, blow softer)
    • 3rd pass = adults get scouts to work together


  • Tennis Ball Scout. Use hot glue gun and miscellaneous craft supplies to build a tennis ball scout. Googly eyes, yarn for hair, pipe cleaners for arms, felt for a hat & clothes, etc. 20-30 minutes for 10 boys. Adult supervision required on the hot glue!!
  • Personal ID cards. Have each scout bring his Scout ID card to the meeting (even better if Den Leader secures them from CubMaster). Take a photo of each scout, print it, and press it onto the back of the scout ID card. Laminate the cards with self-adhesive luggage tags. Optional: holepunch the laminate material if it wasn't pre-punched, and add a string. Great ID when travelling.
    • Use picture of Scout + Parent
    • Add logos and clipart.
    • Add notes about rank, etc. (be careful with personal info).
  • Den Doodles. Before a meeting, one adult buys a large stack of tongue depressors and drills 2 holes at each end (holes should be vertical to each other as the stick is held horizontally). Each scout gets as many tongue depressors as there are boys in the den. Scouts write their names on each tongue depressor, and the trade with the other boys so each boy has a complete set. Adults hand out string (approximately shoestring size), and have a bowl of craft beads available. Boys thread the string downwards on each side of the tongue depressors, leaving a large piece of string in the center so the doodle can be hung on a doorknob, wall, etc. Boys add beads as decorations wherever they like. Great activity when boys are trying to remember each others names.


  • Paper airplane competition. Best looking plane. Longest flight. Most hang-time. etc. Can be done indoors in a large/tall room.
  • Sock puppets. Old (and clean) white socks + magic markers. Maybe hot glue & supplies? Create a simple play.
  • Tennis Ball Juggling. Boys stand in a circle and pass around 1 tennis ball. When everyone is comfortable, use 2 balls. Then 3, etc. until someone drops a ball. Ask: why did we fail? Answer: because we aren't working together. Now have everyone count 1-2-3-4 over and over to establish a cadence. Give everyone a ball and help them throw at the same time on a “1” count and catch on a “2” or “3” count. Don't throw again until the “1” count. Help them see the value of coordination and teamwork.


Here are some local ideas other leaders have used.

Tip - Try to do outside activities before daylight savings, unless you meet on a weekend.

  • Pickup garbage at 9A/Baymeadows Regional Parkpark. Use playground and fields. Try 3 legged soccer.
  • UNF nature trail
  • Fishing at UNF Lake Oneida bridge
  • Fire department
  • Tour of Publix or Winn Dixie
  • YMCA rock climbing wall (requires $$)
  • Weekend bike ride. Try Hanna Park trail.
  • Lowes/Home Depot kid craft (weekends) and store tour
  • Visit the Mayor or council chambers
  • Ride the skyway downtown to Hemming Plaza and visit the library
  • Ride the Skyway to Central Station and walk to the Landing for ice cream
  • Visit Barnes & Noble and St. Johns Town Center
  • Tour of Krispy Kream and sample donuts
  • Owl Prowl at Westside Regional Park. Contact Leslie Royce.
  • Kids Campus and fire station museum.
  • Trac3D - Fitness video game on San Jose Blvd.
  • Bears and up that have pocket knife priviledges can carve raingutter regatta boats out of ivory soap.
  • Echockotee wall climbing echockotee_wall_climbing.pdf
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