Pack 442
Jacksonville, FL

Webelos 2

Get ready for a great final year in Cub Scouting. We have had quite a journey so far and are still far from the end.

So what are we doing next?

Well we've got lots of fun ideas for working on our remaining activity badges. Does camping, hiking, Biking, exploring, climbing, and rappeling sound like fun? As senior members of the Pack, and almost Boy Scouts, the den will have opportunities to do activites that the younger scouts can't do. This is a fun time to be a Webelos Scout. Terry Hashey will again take on the role as your Webelos Den Leader, but appreciates participation and help from all!

So knock the dust off those Webelos Handbooks and get ready to learn how to be a Scientist, Engineer, Communicator, Handyman, Artist, Sportsman, Scholar and a Showman.

From your Cubmaster

Let me know if you want to do some 2-4 mile hikes or hook up with a Troop. Troop 27 is active and we are always invited to participate with them. We could also backpack to a campsite (no back country trips) if the Webelos want to purchase equipment.

To camp as just a Webelo den someone should have OWL training. This is a day training course designed for Webelos den leaders and their assistants in order to camp with just Webelos or with a Troop. Not required if Webelos are camping with the entire pack.

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