Pack 442
Jacksonville, FL

Our History

Cub Scout Pack 442 was founded by Bob Huffman in 2002 and has been chartered at Holy Family Church since the inception. John Frost became Cubmaster in 2003. John functioned as Cubmaster from 2003 to 2009 and became Assistant Cubmaster in the fall of 2009 until he joined Troop 27 in March 2010 with his son where he is now the Committee Chairman.

Many thanks go to John for his dedication to building the Pack from a small group and providing a great scouting program and lots of fun and warm memories for all the scouts and parents - don't forget the crazy hats and haunting stories including the Vinder Viper. We would not be where we are today without him. And many thanks go to all the den leaders and parents for believing in scouting and making the Pack Go.

Tom Gyorog was the Cubmaster from the fall of 2009 until Feb 2012 when he crossed over to Troop 27 with his son. Tom did a great job maintaining and growing the Pack. Feb of 2012 saw many of our most experienced Adult leaders also join their sons in Troop 27. Special thanks to Paul Hubert and Chris Buery for all of their help leading 442.

Derek Gaff took over the Cubmaster duties when Tom crossed over during the 2012 Blue and Gold Banquet. Bill Lavery is the Assistant Cubmaster and has technically never left the BSA since he was a youngster! We encourage all parents to volunteer their time and talents to help keep Pack 442 strong!

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