Pack 442
Jacksonville, FL

2012 Cuboree

Cuboree Theme: Pioneer Days

Cuboree, Cuboree, Cuboree !!!

Cuboree is our Riverbend District camp out at Camp Shands. Packs from all over Riverbend District camp and play games and go to a bonfire event. It's a blast. Visit our camping gear page for what to bring.

Arrive before sundown (about 7 pm)on Friday if you don't want to set up your tent in the dark - but we will have lanterns so don't hurry and drive safely. Games all day Saturday. Leave after camp site inspection Sunday about 11am. See our den duty roster and menu here. cuboree_plan.doc Cubs should assist den parents as much as practical.

Cuboree 2012 is almost here and it's time to sign up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fill out this packet Cuboree Signup Packet which includes health forms and submit with payment at the Pack Meeting October 11.

I encourage everyone to go. It's always a blast. This is the main event of the fall. Here are some links.

Riverbend District Cuboree Info

2012 Cuboree Family Guide

2012 Cuboree Pack Leaders Guide

Camp Shands Info

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