Pack 442
Jacksonville, FL

Popcorn 2011


Let Terry Hashey, our popcorn kernel, know if you can assist him. We are asking all scouts to sell at least $300 on their own order form.

Council Popcorn information here NFC Popcorn Page

Pack 442 2010 Popcorn Flyer

Fill a page and go to Jacksonville University. Click here for more info.

Coming Soon!

Here is a calendar of popcorn dates.

Coming Soon!

**Online Sales**

Online Popcorn Sales may begin immediately! See instructions to setup scout popcorn account. Setup Scout Popcorn Account

Online sales are placed by the customer and delivered straight to their house. Your scout gets the sales credit.

Any online sales will be added to their take order sales and count toward awards (including the Zyclone for $600 in sales).

To register go to (you can also access this page by going to and clicking on SCOUTS at the bottom of the page)

Here is the online selling guide which shows how to set up your account.


**Take Order Face to Face Sales**

We can start selling popcorn on the order form on Friday, Sept 17. Fill a page by the following Friday and get in all 6 XBox 360 with Kinect drawings. See flyer for details on money jump, XBox 360 drawing, and prizes.

Weekly Xbox 360 4 GB Console with Kinect Drawings, 4PM September 23, 2011 September 30, 2011 October 7, 2011 October 14, 2011 October 21, 2011

Need an order form or brochure Click here popcorn_to_brochure_2010.pdf

**Show & Sell at Church**

Dates to be determined Date is October 16 -17 after church services. We will ask each den to participate in a church service time slot to sell popcorn for the pack. These sales do not go toward individual awards. Time slots are per den this year as follows: * Tigers Saturday, Oct. 16, 5:30 pm Leader Tom Gyorog, Kris Trotter * Web 1 Sunday, Oct 17, 8:30 am Leader Tom Gyorog, Kris Trotter * Wolves Sunday, Oct 17, 10:00 am Leader Chris Wildsmith * Bears Sunday, Oct 17, 11:30 am Leader Jamie Sheesley * Web 2 Sunday, Oct 17, 5:00 pm Leader Dan Schickler, Kris Trotter

  1. We should try to have at least 6 scouts at each mass to cover the 3 exits (2 scouts per exit).
  2. Scouts in full uniform.
  3. Sell microwave popcorn by the box only ($18) as recommended by JB Owens.

John Armstrong, District Kernel, will visit our show & sell date at the church or Walmart/Publix and give a prize to any scout who tries to sell him popcorn. We will call him a day or two in advance at 874-9129 to remind him to visit.

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