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Hello! Welcome to Pack 442 and we hope you join us. It's easy.

How do I sign up my son?

  1. Get an application from the cubmaster or visit our forms page.
  2. Fill out a youth application for your scout.
  3. Turn in application form and check to one of the leaders. Checks should be made out to Boy Scouts of America or BSA.

How do I sign up as an adult?

  1. Get an adult application from the cubmaster or visit our forms page.
  2. Fill out the adult application for yourself.
  3. Turn in application form with a check to one of the leaders. Checks should be made out to Boy Scouts of America or BSA.
  4. As soon as possible, set up a Myscouting account and take the Youth Protection Training My Scouting Account Setup . Print out the certificate of completion for Youth Protection Training and give to one of the leaders. Your application will be complete when the leaders turn in your Training certificate.

How much does it cost for my son to join?

The registration cost is prorated by month for the remainder of the year you join plus the following year.

The cost for registration for your son is $1.25/month x (# months left in the current year + 12 months for the next year). If you sign up in August the registration cost would be $1.25 x 16 months = $20.00.

The cost for Boys Life Magazine is $1/month so if you sign up in August would total 16 months x $1 = $16.00. Boys Life is highly recommended.

The total registration cost for your son is $36.00 for 16 months if they sign up in August and receive Boys Life Magazine. Checks should be made out to Boy Scouts of America or BSA for the total amount.

How much does it cost for an adult to join?

New Den Leaders (not assistants) will have their registration paid for by the Pack as a thank you for their service to the Pack. Adult costs are the same although they usually don't get Boys Life. Adults pay the $1.25 per month ($15/yr) for registration which includes an automatic subscription to Scouter Magazine. If you sign up in September your fee would be $1.25 x 16 months = $20.00. Checks should be made out to Boy Scouts of America or BSA for the total amount.

What other costs are required to participate?

  • Uniform $50 every 3 yr
  • Pack T-Shirt $10/yr
  • Cuboree $18/scout, $8/adult and sibling, $12/t-shirt non-scouts, $15/person meal plan
  • Pack Camping or outings $15/person/yr
  • Yorktown $80/person every 3 yr
  • Camping gear $100 - $200 every 5 yr
  • Returning scouts buy book at $10/yr. New scouts get a free handbook.
  • Returning scouts pay $27/yr for registration and Boys Life

Does the pack charge monthly dues?

We don't charge dues currently to avoid paperwork hassles. Instead we encourage each scout to sell a minimum of $300 of popcorn on their order form and help at the show and sell event for a few hours to defray pack costs. Many scouts sell substantially more and receive awards for their efforts.

What fees do returning scouts and leaders pay?

Returning scouts and leaders will pay reregistration and Boys Life fees in December to cover the new year. The cost is $15 registration and $12 for Boys Life Magazine. Payment should be by check made out to Pack 442. This reimburses the Pack since the Pack has to pay these expenses before January 1 to recharter the organization.

Returning leaders should fill out a new application if they change positions.

When are application forms needed?

An application form is required for newly joining scouts and adult leaders or for scouts and leaders transferring into Pack 442 from another Pack. An application form is also required for leaders changing position. If a scout was in Pack 442 last year, no application form is required.

Why should all parents fill out an application form to be a leader?

If a new parent is not sure about filling out an application that is fine but their involvement with the youth, other than their own, will be limited since they won’t have had a background check. Therefore we encourage all parents to apply as leaders. Just select the Den Leader Assistant if they want a smaller yet still important role. We need as many assistants as we can get. As a leader you can interact with all of the scouts in a more meaningful way and your son will get more out of the program with your involvement.

Can I print the application form from the web or do I need a carbon copy original?

The Application form (carbon copy type) are available through the Cubmaster or the scout office on Edgewood Ave. Or anyone can simply print from the web (see forms page) and fill out one original (a non-carbon copy type is allowed)and give to the Cubmaster. A copy will be made for the pack records before turning the original into the scout office.

What does the pack do with the application?

The youth application is signed by the Cubmaster. The adult application is signed by the Pack Committee Chairman and Chartered organization representative. After signing and reviewing the application, the leaders will make a copy for Pack records and turn in the originals to the scout office. You and your son will receive a BSA membership card and ID. Now you are joined and covered by BSA insurance.

Will my son get a scout handbook when he joins?

New scouts of any age will receive a free handbook from the Pack. The Cubmaster will get books from the BSA Council Office and bring to the pack and den meetings for distribution.

What is Rechartering or Reregistration?

  • Rechartering is when the Pack and its members pays for the next year of scouting. The Pack needs to collect fees in December.
  • Tigers and new scouts of any rank normally have already paid for next year when they signed up in the fall so they don’t have to do anything unless they want to add Boys Life.
  • Returning scouts pay $15 for registration plus $12 for Boys Life (optional but recommended).
  • If your scout wants Boys Life your total is $27. If your scout does not want Boys Life your total is $15.
  • Returning leaders pay $15. The Pack pays the registration for new leaders only.
  • Webelo 2s need to pay to reregister with Pack 442 and then just transfer to a troop in February after they cross over.
  • Checks only should be made payable to Pack 442 and given to your den leader. Please let your den leader know if you are not continuing so we don’t have to call you.
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