Pack 442
Jacksonville, FL

The following are the current leaders that make the Pack Go, as you can see we have a lot of open positions that need your help!

Den Leaders

Two leaders are recommended for each den to help deliver the best program possible. The den's are the heart and soul of cub scouting. The best way to help out is to be a den leader or assistant or assist with den activities. Strong dens make a strong pack.

  • Wolf Den Leader - Brett Bosworth
  • Wolf Assistant Den Leader - Jodi Lavery
  • Bear Den Leader - Dori Keen
  • Bear Assistant Den Leader - Heather Utter
  • Webelos 1 Den Leader - Chris Wildsmith email (phone:cell 616-4147, work 443-3536)
  • Webelos 1 Assistant Den Leader - Needed

Pack Committee

  • Charter Representative - Needed
  • Committee Chair - Chris Wildsmith email
  • Asst. Committee Chair - Jodi Lavery email
  • Treasurer - Chris Wildsmith email (Assistant Needed)
  • Cubmaster - Derek Gaff email 383-7303
  • Assistant Cubmaster - Bill Lavery
  • Pack Trainer - Needed
  • Website Chair - Chris Freyer ( email, website )
  • Recruiting Chair - Needed
  • Advancement Chair - Jennifer Hood email
  • Recharter Chair - Needed
  • Popcorn Chair (Kernel) - Terry Hashey email
  • Popcorn Chair Asst. (Lt. Kernel) - Jodi Lavery email
  • Cuboree Camping Chair - Needed
  • Cuboree Camp Master Chair - Needed
  • Cuboree Food Chair - Jodi Lavery email
  • Christmas Caroling Chair - Needed
  • Religious Emblem Trainer Chair - Needed
  • Yorktown Chair - Needed
  • B & G Food Chair - Needed
  • B & G Decorations Chair - Jodi Lavery email
  • Pack T-shirt Chair - Barb Gaff email
  • Pack Quartermaster Chair - Needed
  • Pack Den Chief Chair - Needed

Help the Pack Go

The current leaders are just involved parents making the “Pack Go”. No one is paid and we all are just learning on the fly while “Doing Our Best”.

Anyone can participate as a leader or chair an activity and it's a lot more fun when you are involved. Assisting another leader or chairing an activity is a good way to get started. In a perfect world den leaders should not be chair leaders so they can concentrate on delivering the scout program to the boys.

But leaders move on with their sons to Boy Scouts so new Cub Scout leaders are needed to continue a healthy cycle. The Pack lost quite a few very active Adults who crossed over with their sons last year. That's how it works - a healthy cycle of replacement - and that's why being an involved parent is so important. Plus you and your son get more out of the program. See above for what positions should be filled.

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