Pack 442
Jacksonville, FL

Pack Cheers

Make some noise! Here are a few cheers to practice. Please add your own if you have one. All dens are encouraged to create their own as well.

Pack Cheers

Gold & Blue Cheer One side of the room says “442” Other side says “Gold and Blue” CM points to side, changing it up randomly.

Pack 442 Cheer, 2006

This cheer is yelled in leader-response style with the leader saying “Who are we” and the boys saying the remainder of the lines

Who are we?
Pack four-four-two

Who are we?
We're honest and true

Who are we?
We're gold and blue

Who are we?
Pack four-four-two

Pack 442 Cheer, 2007

This cheer is said (or sung) in leader-response style. Leader says a line, and boys repeat it.

We camp a lot
We sing a lot
We love the stuff we do

We hike a lot
We cheer a lot
We love the Gold and Blue

We're strong, We're rough
We're bold, We're tough
We've got Scout spirit too

Don't make a fuss
Don't mess with us
We are pack four-four-two

(Written Fri, Oct 12, 2007 by: Steve Suzanne, Mike Sorrells, Howard Smith, Chris Freyer)

Pack 442 Cheer, 2008

Pack four-forty-two, we are here
All fired up and full of cheer

Gonna have fun at Cub-O-Ree
BB guns, games, and archery

We need more kids just like you
Come join us we're four-four-two

Join with us and have some fun
You'll see why we're number one!!

(Written Sat, Oct 4, 2008 by Chris Freyer)

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