Pack 442
Jacksonville, FL


You don't need to rush out to get a uniform for the first pack meeting. When you can though, uniforms may be purchased at the Scout Shop on Edgewood Avenue or Black Creek Outfitters near Gate Parkway. The BSA North Florida Council gets a percentage of the sales if you buy it from the Scout Shop so that is preferred. New scouts will get a free scout handbook from the pack. See the Join Us page for info.The sales people at the Scout Shop are more knowledgable about what you need then at Black Creek. Just tell them what den you scout is in and they will show you what you need. Badge magic works great for adding badges and patches without sewing hassles and they have that at the Scout Shop.

At pack meetings and special events, scouts wear their class A uniform, or more accurately called the field uniform, updated to their current rank. The Class B or activity uniform is our pack T-Shirt which is worn to den meetings or casual outings as determined by the den leaders. Popcorn selling is normally done in class A uniform.

Pack T-shirts can be purchased for $10 at most pack events.

Scout Shop

521 South Edgewood Ave.

Jacksonville, FL 32205

(904) 384-9256

Map: Click Here

Hours: M-F 9am - 6pm Sat 9:30am - 3pm Sun Closed

You can also purchase uniforms from Black Creek Outfitters off Gate Parkway. Show your scout ID and get great discounts off of camping gear!

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